Want to Play in Oakville?

Development League (House League) for Non-Resident Players

Players wishing to participate at the house league level exclusively may register with any Ontario Lacrosse Association club house league program.

Rep Field & Box for Non-Resident Players

  1.  You must first register with your 'home' club on Sportzsoft. Your home club is determined by the city you live in. Each club has their own Sportzsoft link and their link can be found on their website.
  2. Next register with Oakville Minor Lacrosse Sportzsoft and signup for tryouts.
  3. To play in Oakville as a non-resident, you will need a release from your home club(s). Depending on the defined boarders by the OLA, you may need more than 1 release if you are closer to another lacrosse club.
  4. Once you have registered your player in our system, our registrar will email you with more information on the release process.
  5. We highly recommend waiting until you hear from our Oakville Registrar before submitting any release forms to your home club. This is to ensure you follow the Ontario Lacrosse policy process and are eligible to play for us.