All youth participating in the lacrosse programs of the Oakville Minor Lacrosse Association

(OMLA) has the following rights and is entitled to the protection of these rights.


SPORTSMANSHIP: You have the right to participate in a program in which sportsmanship, honesty and integrity are the cornerstones.


RESPECT: You have the right to the respect of your coaches, coaching staff, your team-
mates, the coaches, coaching staff and players of the opposing team, the referees and spectators and each of them has the right to expect the same of you.


PARTICIPATION: You have the right to participate fully in the activities of your team, but not necessarily equally.


SKILL DEVELOPMENT: You have the right to learn about your sport and develop your
skills to the maximum of your potential.


FREEDOM FROM ABUSE: You have the right to say no to physical contact or interaction
with any member of the coaching staff or any other person in a position of authority or


FREE SPEECH: You can speak freely without fear of recrimination.


FAIR TREATMENT: You have the right to be treated fairly and with impartiality.


FUN: You have the right to have fun.


OMLA upholds a zero-tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol for any Association events or activities regardless of location for its members and any individuals attending or participating. OMLA accepts responsibility for the behaviour of its members and will take the necessary disciplinary actions against any individual (Parents/Guardians, players, coaches, coaching staff and spectators) who fail to comply with the codes; this may result in disciplinary measures, including suspension and/or expulsion.